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BOOKS: The Human Body (+ a couple of puzzles to do!)

From the time babies first discover their feet, the human body provides a source of wonder for our children, who often marvel at its’ cleverness and strangeness. I believe there are several important reasons why every family should have a book about the human body. Our children learn how we can function healthfully, we can help to teach them about nutrition and self-care, which is backed up by our giving them a balanced diet and by navigating the battlefield that teeth-brushing and bath time can be for many families, and to teach our children about consent and safety. We don’t have many books about the human body (I’m not really sure how many is the right amount to be honest) so this months’ selection is a little thin compared to other posts, but it includes the important topics every family should discuss, as well as a couple of fun puzzles; because we know that children enjoy playing more than anything else, and that learning though play is proven to be most effective.


This book is ideal for toddlers, whose wonderful curiosity is bursting at this age. Some of the concepts will be beyond their years at this stage (see the brief, yet philosophical note about the heart being the home of feelings), yet there are plenty of fun flaps and facts to explore together.


A little larger in size, and a little more complex in detail, primary school aged kids will find this a handy book to learn about the human body. Featuring Usborne’s classic flap format, it helps children to understand and appreciate how fabulous our bodies are.

HUMANOTOMY: How the Body Works

To be honest, I bought this book mainly for me, to help me answer any tricky questions my son might have, and because it’s just beautiful! When we’ve wanted to know about something in more detail than either of the above books cover, we turn to this. It’s a fab mini-encyclopaedia that older kids especially would benefit from.



Keeping our children safe is our most important job as parents. It’s also the part of parenting that sends shivers down our spines when we think of how to protect them from predators. It’s not a topic any of us enjoy discussing, but it’s incredibly important. I highly recommend this book to help you tackle this in a way that’s both engaging and entirely appropriate for the early years. There’s a simple role-play activity to do together too. If there's one book you should definately add to your home collection, please let it be this! 


This is great for toddlers! The pieces are large enough for little hands to hold and fit into the corresponding spots, and it’s also a great way to introduce different body systems and works well alongside an age-appropriate book. I picked this up from Amazon and there are loads of versions available at different price points.


This 200-piece puzzle is a great indoor activity the whole family can enjoy. There’s an especially large eyeball sure to elicit peals of laughter as well as a little penis. Silly, I know, but when children are laughing alongside learning half the battle is done.

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