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BOOKS WE’RE READING: Finding joy in Winter

Here in the UK, January is arguably one of the hardest months to feel excited about, for many people. The Christmas lights have come down, and with them, temperatures too. There is definately a slump in the collective mood, that not even a new years' new energy can completely overcome. This is definately the time to seek solace in the little joys found both indoors and out.

While hopes of snow fill my heart with the dreamiest of dreams, there are plenty of other delights to be found in the cooler months: Crisp mornings that flush our cheeks pink and rosy, the deliciousness of sunshine breaking through the everpresent grey, hot chocolates after puddle-stomping and adventures through muddy parklands, thick scarves and beanies with bobbles atop, and seeing a flash of red as tiny Robin's flitter from hedge to hedge. 

The Winter books presented here celebrate the quiet joy children are so adept at embracing. I hope you enjoy these titles as much as I do, and please do share your favourites with me in the comments below. 


Gerda Muller Winter Book

'Winter', Gerda Muller

Another in Mullers' delightful seasonal series. 'Winter' is again free from text, allowing young minds to embrace their own capacity for storytelling, thus framing their own experiences. Bright and joyful, her images present all the beauty of Winter, especially if we're lucky enough to experience snow. 

 Shirley Hughes Winter


'Winter' (part of The Nursery Collection), Shirley Hughes

I will forever be enraptured with Hughes' depictions of young children and British childhoods. There's a magical simplicity in all her work that is not only grounded in reality, but also has the gorgeous effect of transporting me back to my own childhood. Beautiful. 


Brambley Hedge Winter Story

'Brambley Hedge Winter Story', Jill Barklem

Of all the tales of quaint Brambley Hedge, this was my childhood favourite. Fantasies of country living and baking pies are whipped up to fever pitch when reading BH, and this one is no different. 


The Snowy Day Book Jack Ezra Keats

'The Snowy Day', Ezra Jack Keats

A lovely tale of a little boy walking through the snow, and all the fun it entails. Having never been blessed with snowy winters as a child, seeing my son experience the magic last Spring (!) will forever be in my heart. 


Snow Sam Usher

'Snow', Sam Usher

Snow is a playful and whimsical tale of a little boy and his Granddad, and that gorgeous impatience children have when something exciting is about to happen. For me, Usher's illustrations are the star here. 

Miffy in the Snow Book

'Miffy in the Snow', Dick Bruna

Sweet little Miffy meets a bird in the snow and seeks to help him find refuge from the cold. A gentle tale of kindness and self-determination, which are fabulous qualities to encourage in our children. 


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