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BOOKS WE'RE READING: The Voluptuous Delights of Summer

Like many families around the world, reading is an important part of our daily rhythm, with bedtime stories being the most treasured. Snuggled in together, arms wrapped around each other, it provides an important time for us to really reconnect; particularly on those days where I feel we really haven't had much time together. 

Each month I rotate most of my sons books, save for his very current favourites. Usually, books are grouped together by theme. Sometimes, this will support his current learnings and projects at nursery, but mostly it's to do with the season and relevant activities, plus a lot on the natural world.

Admittedly, it's a little late in the month (and season too) to be writing about Summer books, but nevertheless, write about them I shall. So here they are, a small sample of current favourites, in no particular order...

Bee Britta Teckentrup Book Kids Books

'Nature's Tiny Miracle: Bee', Britta Teckentrup

Britta Teckentrup is without doubt one of my favourite illustrators, and her books are worth buying for the images alone. Simple prose, vivid colours, and cutaway peep-through shapes make this a wonderful non-fiction book for both parents and young children. Not only beautiful, but also handy to have on hand for working through bee phobias, and to encourage little ones' natural curiosity about these vital earthside residents. 

Each Peach Pear Plum Book Kids Book

'Each peach pear plum', Janet + Allan Ahlberg

We are a mostly fairytale-free home, as I tend to gravitate towards beautiful non-fiction books for my son (and there's only so many books our budget will allow for!). However, I adore the Ahlbergs' books. Their attention to detail and sense of fun are what make their stories so enjoyable, particularly for babies and very young children. We still read this even though my son is now three!

Shirley Hughes Lucy Tom Seaside Book 

 'Lucy and Tom at the Seaside', Shirley Hughes

Growing up in Australia, we had/have our own literary heroes and national treasures (more of these to follow, I promise!), so I can't honestly recollect if I ever read any Shirley Hughes when a child. Discovering her gorgeous fictional work is something I truly treasure sharing with my son. Every image has a palpable quality, and in spite of the very real Englishness which I savour, her stories hark back to a time that resonates deep within my Antipodean childhood. 

Can you hear the sea book

'Can you hear the sea?', Judy Cumberbatch

I adore this book for two main reasons; first, it's a beautiful tale of a little girl seeking all the magic in nature that only children seem to know how, with the gentle guidance of her grandfather. And second, because including stories of children from around the world is a simple way to introduce conversations about diversity, inclusiveness and similarities between people.  

If you have any books to recommend, please do so in the comments below. I'm always on the lookout for engaging works. 

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