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BOOKS WE'RE READING: The magic of Christmas

Since becoming a mother, Chritsmas has taken on a whole new meaning (and reached new levels of excitement!). One of the traditions I look forward to the most is bringing out our Christmas books on December first. This is the first sign Christmas is on its' way; before the mulled wine, mince pies and tree trimming. These are the books that, if I can help it, aren't read at any other time of the year, making their return to our shelf that much more magical. So, without further adieu, a selection of Christmas books we're reading this year...


Stick Man Book

'Stick Man', Julia Donaldson + Axel Scheffler 

"Stick man lives in the family tree, with his stick lady love and their stick children three..." so begins this simple and sweet tale of a misplaced Stick Man and his quest to return home. A lovely reminder that the most important element of Christmas is being surrounded by our loved ones.


Shirley Hughes Christmas

 'Snow in the Garden: A First Book of Christmas', Shirley Hughes

A lovely book to bring out as the festive season begins. There are some crafting activities, easy-to-follow baking recipes, as well as Hughes' signature stories of young children discovering their world. 

Lucy and Tom at Chistmas Book

'Lucy and Tom at Christmas', Shirley Hughes

I will forever remain enchanted by the Englishness of Hughes work, and the wintery, Christmasses of days gone by are perfectly preserved in her stories: Family traditions, the excitement of Christmas Eve, the big day itself! All the magic and wonder as witnessed by younger children. Divine. 

The Jolly Christmas Postman Book

'The Jolly Christmas Postman', Janet + Allen Ahlberg

I must admit, I am more excited by this book than my son. I have fond memories of the original; of gently removing letters from their envelopes and seeing what teasures were within, and this is no different. 

The Nutcracker Book

"The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker', Jessica Courteny-Tickle

If you're keen on introducing classical music to your children, these books are an excellent addition to your home library. Beautiful, colourful illustrations, a simplified version of the original tale, and Tchaikovsky's breathtaking melodies. Magical.

Do you have any favourites you read at this time of year? Please do share with me in the comments below.

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