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BOOKS WE'RE READING: Oceanic Tales + Marine Life

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Even though the seaside is an hour by train from London, it doesn't always feel completely within reach. Spontaneous trips are few and far between; perhaps mainly due to the busyness of being a young family, the feelings of overwhelm that doing too much will procure, and time passing ever so swiftly. When I think about the coastal neighbourhood we left behind in Australia, I do feel slight twinges of regret that my son won't experience a childhood drenched in sunshine, and the deliciousness of being completely waterlogged throughout the summer months. For our little family, such feelings naturally culminate in a most welcome plan to one day relocate from the energy and bustle of London, in favour of a quieter seaside town. But, until that day arrives, we placate ourselves by taking magical journeys to the sea, through the power of storytelling. My book selection this month explores the wonders of the deep, and what a beautiful privilege it is to be able to do so. 


'Tiddler', Julia Donaldson + Axel Scheffler

The story of a little fish who tells big tales. Tiddler has a rich and vibrant immagination, which often gets him into trouble at school. But one day, his tall tales save him from a fate suffered by many fish. Fun and colourful.

The blue whale  

'The Blue Whale', Jenni Desmond

A beauitiful non-fiction book filled with child-friendly facts about these magestic creatures. At the heart of this book is the cry for greater protection of marine life, and the overaching theme of conservation, which truly is a burden our children will need to shoulder. Jenni Desmond has such a gentle way with storytelling, and her illustrations are sublime.

 The River Hanako Clulow

'The River: An Epic Journey to the Sea', Hanako Clulow

Gorgeous illustrations and rhythmic, rhyming prose, we follow a little fish on her very big journey along a river until she reaches the sea. There's a lovely change to the seasons and landscape, and sweet images of animal families to view as we watch the little fish continue on her way.

The snail and the whale

'The Snail and the Whale', Julia Donaldson + Axel Scheffler

An enduring favourite in our house, this is the tale of a tiny snail suffering an accute case of wanderlust! Except, she hasn't yet left her little rock. A beautiful glimpse of natures diversity amongst the vastness of planet earth. Children also feature in the most charming way to save the day. 

 Ocean Emporium

'Ocean Emporium', Susie Brooks + Dawn Cooper

Encyclopedic tomes have come a long way since I was a child! Where once it seemed to be all pages upon pages of small-print type, and the occasional photographs or illustrations, now we have richly illustrated, vibrant titles to choose from. This is a lovely compilation of various marine species, detailing just how wonderous the underwater world is. 

 The Real Boat

'The Real Boat', Marina Aromshtam + Victoria Semykina

A little paper boat, who dreams of becoming a 'real' boat one day, sets off on a voyage to the sea. But what will happen to him, and who will he meet along the way? A heartfelt modern fable exquisitly illustrated. This book truly is a dreamy work of art. 


Have you read any of these titles? Have I missed any of your favourites? 



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