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Thanks to modern technological advancements, there's never been a better time to nurture our inner palaeontologists. In recent decades, new species have been discovered, not to mention the groundbreaking discovery that Dinosaurs were not reptiles, yet part of the bird family (did you know chickens are descended from dinosaurs?!). Yes, there is much to learn and plenty of resources to enjoy. And with interest in dinosaurs peaking during the early years, there's no better time to immerse yourself in the prehistoric world. I hope you enjoy my selection of books this month, and find some new titles to enjoy with your children. 


'Dinosaur Roar', Paul & Henrietta Stickland

This was the first book I purchased on Dinosaurs; a colourful, rhyming tale that has proved rather fun for us to read together. While light on facts (such as names of dinosaurs, size, time lived on earth etc.), it uses opposites to great effect. Not only is this great for younger children, but is also great for children starting to read. 


'The World of Dinosaur Roar', Jeanne Willis

My son absolutely adores these books! This series is one of the few that provides characters and a storyline; which make them suitable for bedtime reading in our home. The prose is rhythmic and humorous, and each book closes with some fun facts about the dinosaur featured. 


'The Usborne Big Book of Dinosaurs', Alex Firth & Fabiano Fiorin

For little ones beginning their study of Dinosaurs, this book is a great first resource; incorporating names, sizes, distinguishing features, and what period each lived in. This isn't the most comprehensive title available. However, for young children, it's a perfect introduction to learning more.  


'First Dinosaur Encyclopedia', DK

As our little ones' desire for more detailed knowledge expands, this fabulous publication from DK is an excellent addition to your collection. This is everything I expect from a childrens encyclopedia; age-appropriate language, plenty of facts, and photo-quality illustrations. I cannot praise this book enough!


'Dinosaurium', Chris Wormell + Lily Murray

Of all the books I've pored over in bookshops and museums, this is one definately worth investing in. The illustrations have a charming old-world quality, yet the information contained between the pages takes complete advantage of the illustrious developments made in dinosaur discoveries during recent decades. Perhaps not an ideal first book for little ones, but something the whole family can treasure and grow into together. Put this hefty tome straight to the top of your 'treat yourself' list. And have a dictionary on hand. 


'Dinosaurium: Junior Edition', Chris Wormell + Lily Murray

Compared with its heavyweight big brother above, the junior edition is easier for young children to follow (and parents to read). It details exactly what dinosaurs were, breaking down the Mesozoic era into the three periods in which different dinosaurs lived, and helpfully groups them into types. This is a must for dinosaur-lovers of all ages.


 'Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures' by Lucy Letherland + Emily Hawkins

'Atlas of Adventures' is a fantastic series this dinosaur installment doesn't disappoint. Brilliantly colourful and packed with interesting facts, it's such a fun way to view where dinosaurs lived, and how our planet has changed over millions of years. 



'The Mysterious Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace', Sheju Adiyatiparambil-John, Judy Skidmore + Anastasiya Epishina

This book feels quite special to me, mainly because the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace has been one of our favourite places to visit in south-east London. It is a sweet story of siblings Eddie and Rita, who visit the park with their mother and have a chance encounter with sibling Iguanodons Victoria and Paxton.  It's a lovely reminder of how young children view the world through magical eyes. 


'Dinosaur Sleepover', Pamela Duncan Edwards + Deborah Allwright

While undoubtedly exciting, our children's first sleepover can be an anxious time for the whole family! The little boy in this story is the hero who helps his dinosaur pal overcome feelings of nervousness. Lovely. 


 'Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs', Catherine D. Hughes + Franco Tempesta

It's hard to go wrong with National Geographic and this encyclopedia is great for children. Dinosaurs are easily grouped by size, and there's a handy guide for parents at the back to further children's learning alongside motor skills development, maths, and joke-telling. 


 'Lift the Flap: Questions + Answers About Dinosaurs', Katie Daynes + Marie-Eve Tremblay

When it comes to flap books, I've yet to find anyone who does it well as Usborne. They're just so fun to read for children. And when it comes to questions, children excel at asking all manner of who, what, why, where and how! How handy then that such a book can answer all the questions you never knew you'd ask. 


 'Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp', Margaret Mayo + Alex Ayliffe

From the people who created 'Dig Dig Digging' (a long-term favourite in our house) comes a dinosaur version, perfect for lighthearted bedtime reading. This book works particularly well for toddlers, as it's very easy to follow and join in.


'Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars, Here Come the DInosaurs!', Kate Umansky + Nick Sharratt

My son received this as a gift from his best pal. It's a sweet collection of child-sized poems, bright colours and some funny rhymes for some pre-sleep laughs. Always good to finish the day with a smile on your face.


'The Fossil Girl: Mary Anning's Dinosaur Discovery', Catherine Brighton

Telling the tale of fossil-hunter Mary Anning, this comic-book style is a fresh way of presenting historical events. This story focuses more on her discovery of the Ichthyosaur at Lyme Regis in 1810, rather than her whole life. 


'Stone Girl, Bone Girl', Laurence Anholt + Sheila Moxley

More of a storybook than the title above, 'Stone Girl' goes into more detail about Mary's childhood, and her collection of fossils. I adore the illustrations in this version. It's just so pretty to read and Mary's story is one of tragedy and triumph. It's very inspiring, and so good to see a little girl as the hero. 

Do you have any dinosaur-themed books you'd recommend? Please share with me in the comments below.

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