Thanks to modern technological advancements, there's never been a better time to nurture our inner palaeontologists, and foster an enduring love for prehistoric life. In recent decades, new species have been discovered, not to mention the groundbreaking discovery that Dinosaurs were not reptiles, yet part of the bird family (did you know chickens are descended from dinosaurs?!). Yes, there is much to learn and plenty of resources to enjoy. Even though we've not yet hit peak dino-obsession in our home (I believe that's around four years of age, according to parents everywhere/the Internet), I find myself happily learning alongside my son, watching his fascination grow. I hope you enjoy my selection of books this month, and find some new titles to enjoy together. 

 Dinosaur Roar Book

'Dinosaur Roar', Paul & Henrietta Stickland

This was the first book I purchased on Dinosaurs; a colourful, rhyming tale that has proved rather fun for us to read together. While light on facts (such as names of dinosaurs, size, time lived on earth etc.), it uses opposites to great effect. Not only is this great for younger children, I believe it will prove very appropriate for when my son begins reading. 

The World of Dinosaur Roar Books

'The World of Dinosaur Roar', Jeanne Willis

My son absolutely adores these books! This series is one of the few that provides characters and a storyline; which make them suitable for bedtime reading in our home. The prose is rhythmic and humorous, and each book closes with some fun facts about the dinosaur featured. 

Usborne Big Book of Dinosaurs

'The Usborne Big Book of Dinosaurs', Alex Firth & Fabiano Fiorin

For little ones beginning their study of Dinosaurs, this book is a great first resource; incorporating names, sizes, distinguishing features, and what period each lived in. This isn't the most comprehensive title available. However, for young children, it's a prefect introduction to learning more.  


First Dinosaur Encyclopedia

'First Dinosaur Encyclopedia', DK

As our little ones' desire for more detailed knowledge expands, this fabulous publication from DK is an excellent addition to your collection. This is everything I expect from a childrens encyclopedia; age-appropriate language, plenty of facts, and photo-quality illustrations. I cannot praise this book enough!

Dinosaurium Book

'Dinosaurium', Chris Wormell

Of all the books I've pored over in bookshops and museums, this is one definately worth investing in. The illustrations have a charming old-world quality, yet the information contained between the pages takes complete advantage of the illustrious developments made in dinosaur discoveries during recent decades. Perhaps not an ideal first book for little ones, but something the whole family can treasure and grow into together. Put this hefty tome straight to the top of your 'treat yourself' list. And have a dictionary on hand. 

Do you have any dinosaur-themed books you'd recommend? Please share with me in the comments below.

Chrissy xo

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