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BOOKS WE'RE READING: Through Space + Time

With the current weather conditions giving us plenty of opportunities to spend time indoors, we're focusing some of our reading on learning about our magical and mystical universe, with a keen interest in human space exploration and the composition of our solar system. Intricately woven within stories of planets and stars, we're also beginning to explore the beautiful concept of connectedness, and how we belong to something much bigger than what we 'know'. It's very important to me that my son grows up understanding that we are all connected to each other, and our planet, and discovering space is a simple way to introduce this. I do hope you find something here you can also enjoy with your children. 

usborne book space peep through

 Usborne 'Peep Inside Space'

Simple information presented in the ever-popular lift-the-flap format, this book mainly focuses on astronauts in space, with a little on exploring other planets with spaceships and robots. It definately isn't the most detailed, yet this is a great 'first' book for young children. 


the story of space book

'The Story of Space: A First Book About the Universe', Barr, Williams & Husband

The big bang, how planets were created, the space race, and the different types of stars are celebrated in the vibrancy of the illustrations. There are many points for discussions here, and my son adores this book! It also provides a gateway to learning more about the evolution of life on earth (more about that another time). If you were to purchase only one book about space for your little ones, this would be my recommnenation. 

usborne sun moon stars book

'Sun, Moon and Stars', Turnbull

This nifty little reference book is a fab addition for its age-appropriate collection of scientific information. Perfect for primary school-aged children, I can see this being a fabulous aid to future school projects. 

the skies above my eyes book

 'The Skies Above My Eyes', Guillain & Zommer

If you've ever wondered what is in the sky above us, this is the book for you and your children. Beginning with what is immediately in our eyesight, such as birds flying and leaves being carried by the wind, the gorgeous illustrations take us through the earths atmospheric layers, through to our solar system. You can unfold the pages making one very long pull-out poster and lose yourself in all the magic around us. This book is a work of art. 


planetarium book

'Welcome to the Museum: Planetarium', Wormell & Prinja

The 'Welcome to the Museum' series truly is a luxurious addition to any home library, and one that I encourage you to add, if your budget allows. While not specifically designed to be childrens books, they provide an excellent resource for when questions arise. From the creation and composition of our solar system, through to our universe as whole, it's all packaged here in detailed information and sumptuous illustrations. Stunning. 

As ever, if you have any recommendations, please do share them with me in the comments below. 

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