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BOOKS WE'RE READING: The excitement of Autumn

More than any other season, Autumn is the one I anticipate, and embrace, with a fervour that borders on the obsession. And after this past summer (wasn't it just a real summer!!), even more so this year. Fantasies of thick, hearty soup, walks in our beloved local park, and lashings of hot chocolate and cups of tea while snuggled on the sofa fill me with so much joy of what's to come. Waiting for the first of September to unpack our Autumn books tested all my reserves of patience, but wait I did, and I've been relishing reading these to my son thus far. They also provide discussion points for activities we can enjoy together during this most comforting of seasons. 

Gerda Muller Autumn Book

'Autumn', Gerda Muller

What I adore most about this seasonal collection of books is the absence of text, and the opportunity this can generate for conversation around the images. Children adore seeing themselves in other children, whether it's in real life, or on the pages of a book; and this provides the perfect backdrop for our little ones to create their own narrative, save for a few prompts from time to time. Plus, the illustrations are so sweetly drawn, and showcase the best Autumn has to offer. This book is only available as a board book, making it perfect for babies and very young children.

Heidi Pross Grey Autumn is Here! Book

'Autumn is Here', Heidi Pross Gray

Rhyming prose about the richness this season has to offer our senses makes this a happy addition to our Autumnal collection. For me alone, it evokes feelings of warm mittens and the scent of cinnamon. I can also see us using this when my son is beginning to read. 

Brambly Hedge Autumn Story Book

'Autumn Story (Brambly Hedge)', Jill Barklem

Brambly Hedge is one of the most sentimental purchases I've made for my son regarding books. I have the fondest memories of reading them myself as a child, and searching (always in vain) for a tight-knit community of mice in my own garden. Thankfully, many years later, the magic has been reborn as I read these to my son. Even though the stories are carefully constructed, it's the illustrations that really hold my heart, and fan the flames of country-living fantasies. 

Shirley Hughes Autumn Book

''Autumn' The Nursery Collection', Shirley Hughes

This book is one of ten in a collection for young children, featuring Shirley Hughes' signature paintings and child-centric poetry; Autumn harvest, running through leaves, windy walks through the park, and those cool mornings that provide such a relief after Summers' long, slow burn. I will forever continue to wax lyrical about Hughes' work, I adore her that much. Her stories are engaging and celebrate all the joy and magic of childhood I hold dear to my own heart. 

It Starts With a Seed Book

'It Starts With A Seed', Laura Knowles

To be fair, this book could be featured during every season, and in collections showcasing nature, animals and the cycle of life. It charts the journey of a seed as it grows into a majestic sycamore tree, and its life-giving force to those who depend upon it. The illustrations are stunningly thoughtful and warm, and the story provides a gentle introduction to getting bigger and growing older. 

Do you adore Autumn as much as I do? What activities do you enjoy with your little ones?

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