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With May the Fourth a few days away, this month we journey to a galaxy far, far away to revel in the magic of the Star Wars universe. Admittedly, when it comes to Star Wars, the LEGO-to-books ratio is greatly skewed in favour of the former, but we have collected several wonderful titles thus far. Still firmly entrenched in that wonderful picture book era, my son and I have enjoyed reading more imaginative titles related to this epic story. There are a couple of spoilers here so my sincere apologies if I ruin some key plot twists. 



Not a storybook, but much-loved by my son. It features the most well-known characters across the entire collection (except for The Mandalorian). Great for guessing who’s who and practising reading non-school words for early readers. It makes a fun little gift too.


'The Skywalker Saga' by Delilah S. Dawson

(WARNING: Spoilers!) I gave this to my son for his fifth birthday and we read it almost every night for about three months (it was quite intense to be perfectly honest). It follows the Skywalker saga, starting with Anakin as a child before ending with Luke’s battle with Kylo Ren on Krait. It isn’t the best story I’ve read, and some of the lines can feel a little clunky and repetitive at times, but it only includes scenes with either Anakin/Vader and/or Luke, focusing solely on the Skywalker men. It is illustrated will painted stills from the films which add a visual point of interest for kids. This is definately for Star Wars obsessives who just can’t get enough. I must also mention that there is peril and some violence in this book, related to scenes with lightsaber battles (for example, Obi Wan and Anakin’s duel on Mustafar).


'Goodnight Darth Vader' by Jeffrey Brown

This is my personal favourite of our Star Wars books. We join Darth Vader as he attempts to complete the bedtime of twin children Luke and Leia. Except, they don’t want to go to bed! It’s rather amusing seeing Darth Vader and as an exhausted and frustrated father, whilst trying to control the empire. And if you've ever wondered what Han and Lando were like as children, now you'll know.


'Darth Vader and Friends' + 'Rey and Friends' by Jeffrey Brown

Two more titles from the wonderful Jeffrey Brown. In comic style, neither follow a set storyline, but are illustrated beautifully and fun to read. Fans of the SW universe will enjoy the twist on storylines and characters and will enjoy collecting the set. All of these books are playful and free from peril, which are perfect for children perhaps not yet ready to delve into the original films; much in the same way the animated LEGO series is. 


'A Jedi You Will Be' by Preeti Chhiber

I LOVE this book! It is a fantastic bedtime book. We follow Luke Skywalker on his journey to become a Jedi, under the watchful eye of master Yoda on Dagobah. Luke's training is hard, but Yoda encourages him every step of the way, especially when things seem too hard. Building resilience in our children is one of our most important tasks as parents, and this book is wonderful to pop in your 'tool kit'.


'C-3PO Does Not Like Sand' by Caitlin Kennedy

Here we team up with C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB8 on a light-hearted romp across the sand dunes of Tatooine while on a mission for Princess Leia. As can be guessed, Threepio spends quite a lot of time trying to, unsuccessfully, avoid sand whilst being annoyed by his two companions. Those familiar with Threepio's glass-half-full view of the world (or universe) will appreciate the comedic foil he provides to the smaller, plucky droids. 


'Secrets of Jedi' by Marc Sumerak

We dip in and out of this at bedtime. Easy enough to read one section before reading a storybook. If you enjoy falling down wiki rabbit holes, you’ll enjoy this book. 'Written' by Luke Skywalker, this book is a guide to life as a Jedi. It’s packed with interesting details such as the different types of lightsabers, what Kyber crystals are, famous Jedis and Sith, and explores both the light and dark side of the force. 


'Star Wars Galactic Atlas' by Tim McDonagh

I tend to discourage this book for bedtime reading, mainly as the font is quite small, meaning I’m squinting while reading. As well as a galactic timeline of events, and a thorough round-up of notable historical figures, this atlas includes a few lesser-known planets, such as Mortis and Mon Cala. While interesting to learn more, I would’ve preferred the inclusion of more well-known and loved planets like Alderaan (but I am being picky here). However, it makes a lovely gift, and as an atlas I put in the educational section of books we have.

And for the star-lovers in your home, Pipsqueak has the perfect bedding to accompany bedtime reading: STARDUST. Take a look here!

May the Fourth be with you!


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