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BOOKS WE'RE READING: Understanding Our World

At this stage, my son has clearly defined topics of interest and favourite books, and is showing more self-direction in areas he'd like to learn more about. While honouring his interests, I do still rotate his books monthly, including titles to guide his inquiry, and encourage his love of books. I'm also keen to introduce ideas that challenge him in an age-appropriate manner, while supporting his curiosity and beautiful ability to question everything he sees. This month, I'm focusing on some detailed study of the world around us. I appreciate just how immense this topic is, and one that none of us will ever fully comprehend. Yet, watching him experience the world around him is such a joy; I do so hope he never loses his sense of wonder.  
The Story of Life Book


The Story of Life: A First Book About Evolution

This is a fabulous book to begin with for young children, and also as a continuum from our ongoing studies of space. Explore how earth changed from a mountainous volcanic planet to the diverse and beautiful place it is today. There are many fabulous discussion points found within these beautifully illustrated pages, perfect for a quiet afternoons' reading or bedtime story.


The Story of Life Evolution


The Story of Life Evolution

I confess, this is not aimed at young children. However, it provides an informative read filled with detailed information about dinosaurs, flora, various organisms and other fauna. It truly is a lovely title to have for any budding scientists or palaeontologists. Plus, the William-Morris-esque illustrations are sublime. 



How Big is the World?

A sweet and warming story of Little Mole, who sets out to discover how big the world is. He meets some animal friends on his adventure who help discover vast oceans, tropical forests and more. It is a touching reminder that one day our little ones will also leave our burrows and explore the world, but hopefully return to us, albeit briefly. 



Here We Are

Created for his newborn son, Oliver Jeffers has produced an exquisite book exploring life on planet earth. There's nothing too complicated for young children, and his gorgeous and fun illustrations make this is lovely bedtime book. It also makes for a beautiful gift. I highly recommend this!



The Street Beneath My Feet

A brilliant introduction to geology and archeology in a fun pull-out form, this book is a treat to devour. From the footpath down through the various layers until you reach the inner core of earth, it's a lovely exploration of our planets' composition. It's also a handy companion during museum visits that display mineral treasures. 



Lots: The Diversity of Life on Earth

Biodiversity, protecting our planet, and species extinction are gently covered in this beautifully illustrated book. Younger generations have a difficult task ahead of them, so encouraging them from a young age to value life on earth is critical. A sensitive way to introduce some challenging topics. 



Tiny: The Invisible World of Microbes

Big, small, ones that keep us healthy, or make us sick; discover the fascinating world of microbes in this child-friendly book. It may not seem like an interesting area to explore, but when we think about how microbes help to regenerate soil so that plants can grow, how they impact on the size of snowflakes, and how the air we breath is cleaned, this is a great resource to have on hand.


How do you discuss the world around you with your little ones? Have I missed any books you enjoy reading together? Please do share your favourites with me in the comments below. 

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