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STARDUST has recently turned three! To celebrate, I’ve released a beautiful new colourway in aqua, grey and navy blue. STARDUST originally began as ‘TWINKLE STAR’. While the design still feels as fresh as the very first print, the name had started to feel a little babyish for my primary-school-aged son. It felt like a good time to update it to something that still captures the magic yet continues to grow with our children.



At Pipsqueak, art really does imitate life. All of the colourways chosen draw inspiration from my own life, my son and my friends’ children. For the original colourway for STARDUST, I chose a blue reminiscent of an Eames chair in his bedroom, yellow for his cheery ‘Muddy Puddles’ raincoat and black for a dynamic contrast. The three colours combined just clicked for me and I knew that was it.



In the design and retail world, three years is a very long time to have the same designs. But this is part of Pipsqueak’s ethos. I’ve been very intentional about creating designs that will grow with children, starting during their toddlerhood and moving through those primary school years. It’s definitely not about following trends, or releasing products weekly, rather curating a collection of items that will add to your comfort and last.



STARDUST is Pipsqueak’s signature print and will always be available. It’s something that comes from my heart and has proven to be one of the most popular prints, enjoyed by children and their parents for almost three years.

STARDUST is available in both cot bed and single size. Every duvet set is printed using eco-friendly and non-toxic inks, on Egyptian cotton percale. The 200 thread count is durable, ensuring many comfortable years of sleep for your child. To see more, just click the images above to be taken to the product pages.



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