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NEW! Pipsqueak Baby Muslin Swaddles

Introducing Pipsqueak Baby muslin swaddles; eco-friendly, and soft and gentle on baby's skin


Swaddling babies is an ancient practice that transcends cultures around the world. Swaddling helps babies feel secure as they adjust to life outside the womb and prevents their startle reflex from being triggered. Thus, helping them to sleep longer. They also help keep babies warm until they’re able to adjust their own body’s temperature, and provide an excellent and necessary absorbent material for very frequent spit-ups after feeding. 

Muslin swaddles are one of the hardest working items you’ll ever buy for your baby. Beyond their babyhood, swaddles can continue to be used through the toddler years as comforters, shade cover while still using buggies or strollers, as light cover on warmer nights, in play, at the park or beach. Such is their versatility, that you may find you’re still using them for many of the above reasons into those early primary years. I am therefore delighted to introduce Pipsqueak Baby Muslin Swaddles; perfect for your own baby, or as a practical and beautiful gift for a loved one.


Silver Moon Baby Muslin Swaddle


Made from 100% bamboo cotton, these swaddles are soft to touch and non-abrasive on babies’ delicate skin. They will further soften with each wash, yet retain their durability through busy days, late nights and endless laundry cycles. Each swaddle is hand-printed using the finest eco-friendly and non-toxic ink, perfect for babies’ sensitive skin. Free from any nasty chemicals found in alternative inks, the water-based inks are also vegan and eco-friendly. They really are the best choice for your baby.

 BONNE NUIT Baby Muslin Swaddle


The debut range features bespoke and gender neutral designs, in Pipsqueak’s signature fresh style. The debut collection includes the charming BONNE NUIT, a moon and stars pattern, and Pipsqueak’s luxurious silver moons. The swaddles are available in complementary colour-ways to soothe and calm and come in two sizes; 70cm x 70 cm, perfect for trips out when you’re trying to travel a little lighter, and 120cm x 120cm when a bigger swaddle in needed. 



MOON + STARS Baby Muslin Swaddle


Babyhood is an incredibly busy time for mothers, which is why Pipsqueak swaddles can be machine washed easily. To care for your muslin, wash at 40ºC and line dry. Please be advised that washing with any bleaching agent or stain remover could affect the vibrancy of the colours and cause the print to fade, as can direct sunlight. 

Click here to view the debut collection. 

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