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Pipsqueak is a British textiles brand founded in 2018. Moving toddlers to their 'big' beds is a major milestone for the whole family, and the transition can often be made easier with a beautiful new duvet set. All Pipsqueak bedding is hand-printed using the finest non-toxic inks and always seeks to add to the calm of your home, never the chaos. Here you'll find beautiful children's bedding in colours that sing together without overwhelming your home.



Hi, I'm Chrissy. Born and raised in Australia, I now happily call the UK home. I used to be a youth worker and dreamt of returning to study when I fell pregnant with my son. It was around this time I was searching for bedding for my son-to-be born baby and really struggled to find designs that felt 'right' (you know how it is).

So, my original plan was to screen print something for him, but over time grew into the idea to launch a small business. After a lot of research, and even more trial and error, I finally launched Pipsqueak in the summer of 2018. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Love, Chrissy xo